M Miraz Hossain

Fiction writer M Miraz Hossain’s two new books ‘Kovu Kache Kovu Dure’ and ‘Ekjon Tara Mia’ have been published recently, said a press release.

The books have been published by Shabdashilpa and Nowroz Kitabistan.


The novels are the author’s fifth and sixth books.

‘Ekjon Tara Mia’ revolves around the War of Independence and ‘Kovu Kache Kovu Dure’ is a romantic novel.

M Miraz Hossain’s first book ‘Haway Vese Hazar Maile’ was published in 2021. Later, he penned books namely, ‘Apan Nama’, ‘Byakhyatit’ and ‘Tobu Ful Futuk.


Source: New Age Bd

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