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There is a light at the end of the tunnel but you haven’t quite finished yet

Don’t look back at where you’ve been because they won’t let you forget

m miraz hossain


M Miraz Hossain is an intelligence professional who has been working at Keya Cosmetics Limited as a Director since 2017.  He is the president of the Lions Club of Dhaka Mohakhali Friends and Keya Students Forum Bangladesh (KSFB). He is also a Voluntary project coordinator of the United Nations Program, Columnist of Daily Jay Jay Din, Writer, and Social worker all of which carry the identity of his proficiency and versatility.  He has received Indira Gandhi Golden Award for his contribution to literary works and human welfare. He also got an honor award from BERDO for helping blind children.

Early Life

He was born in 1978, on Sunday 1st of January. He grew up in Munshigonj in Bangladesh.

After completing S.S.C from BCSIR High School & H.S.C from Dhaka College with extraordinary result, he was admitted University of Madras, India for higher study in business administration.

Completion of B.B.A M Miraz Hossain had received a scholarship from University of Wales, United Kingdom. 

His successful completion of B.B.A, he got admitted in City of London College, UK & completed MBA degree in the year 2004.

He could be settled in London but love for the country, he came to Bangladesh.


Books of M Miraz Hossain

Kobhu Kache Kobhu Dure
Akjon Tara Mia
Tobu Ful Futuk
Golper Shohore
Praner Kobita
Chonde Golpe
Apan Nama
Apon Nama
হাওয়ায় ভেসে হাজার মাইল
Hayay Veshe Hajar Maile

Solo Music Album and Books

Fele Asa Din Guli
Valobese Gelam Sudhu
Tobu Dekha Hok
Tobu Dekha Hok

Professional Summery

M Miraz Hossain started his professional career with established MP Sweaters Limited as a Managing Director in 2004. With his expertise and masterful leadership, the company gained unexpected profit continuously for several years.

In 2015 He was joined as a Controller of Auditor of Keya Group. Through his honesty and dedication, he proved himself a worthy employee of Keya Group.

In 2017 He was promoted to Director of Keya Cosmetics Limited. Most of the responsibilities he takes about developing and executing the company’s business & marketing strategies, providing strategies, Preparing, and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement. With his professional expertise, Keya Cosmetics Limited gains a record-breaking turnaround in the last 5 years.

In addition to such a huge responsibility, he is also associated with United Nations and other international and national organizations. M Miraz Hossain plays the role of Assistant Director of the United Nations project in Canada. He is also associated with UN Bangladesh Youth Vision Project.

He has also organized many social projects successfully as well as he writes editorials for Daily Jay Jay Din. He also wrote books, lyrics, articles, etc. In 2021 his first book “Hayay Veshe Hajar Maile” was published by “Nawroj Kitabistan” publication. In 2022 his second book “Apan Nama” was published at Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2022. The book achieved the best seller book recognition from the publication and became one of the 10 most-sold books in the fair. In the same year his book “Byakhyatit” got published. In the 2023 Ekushey Book Fair, his fourth book “Tobu Ful Futuk” is published.

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Awards - 2023
সেরা কথাসাহিত্যিক পুরষ্কার
MJF M Miraz Hossain
Indira Gandi Golden Award
BERDO Award - M Miraz Hossain
Book Fair 2022 Award - M Miraz Hossain

Social Contribution

M Miraz Hossain undertakes many social activities such as relief program for the poor, scholarship for insolvent students and orphans, Blood Donations, Tree Plantation, Relief, etc. program. He is also very active in many social virtual platform.

Tree Plantation - M Miraz Hossain
Eid Greetings for Slum & Street People
Clothing Donation for Street People

Awards & Achievement

He has received awards from Bangladesh Government, United Nations and University of Wales. University of Wales recognized himself as a most meritorious student of the year.

In 2008 Ministry of Industries in Bangladesh announced M Miraz Hossain as a CIP (Commercially Important Person) in Bangladesh. He recognized one of the youngest CIP in that period.

In 2021 UN Bangladesh Youth Vision awarded him a special crest for his notable contribution in youth development project.

In 2022 he achieved Indira Gandhi Golden Award for his contribution to literary works and human welfare. He also got an honor award from BERDO for helping blind children.

In addition he has received various awards from different international and national organizations.

Past President Honor Day 2022
BERDO Award - M Miraz Hossain
Lions Club of Dhaka Mohakhali Friends
সম্মাননা পদক এম মিরাজ হোসেন