M Miraz Hossain, Former youngest CIP (Commercially Important Person) of 2008 is a successful entrepreneur in his professional life. Beyond this identity, he is also known as a writer, singer, and producer. He has produced several short films and drama series. Some of them are “Wedding Story”, “Rishad O Kaner Dul” & “Pagla Dakter O Panch Chele”. But one surprising fact is that he wanted to be a film artist in his early life! But fate thought of something else about him.

In 1999 a 21 years teenager was waiting at one of the leading film production house gates to participate in a competition for new actor hunting. The teenager was nervous because of his first participation at such a big event. He went before the judges and the judges shortlisted him for the next stage among the many candidates. Due to his talent, he took place in the final round. He had to deal with only 5 contestants to become the winner. Everyone expected that he would definitely be the champion. But unfortunately, the judges dropped him out because of his height issues! The name of the teenager is M Miraz Hossain. Now he is the producer of short films, dramas, and songs. When we asked the Miraz Hossain how about his feelings when he got rejected from the competition in the final round? He smiled a bit and said “When I got rejected, I was being shocked for a while. Cause I was hoped to be champion. But when they rejected me with the height issue, which should be judged in the first round, not only me everyone became surprised. The partiality of selecting the models at that event is an open secret so I accepted the matter. Maybe God wanted to see me as a businessman. Now I think it was better not to be selected as a hero. If I was selected that time, I probably couldn’t engage myself in such a huge undertaking. Now I am managing my business, writing books, producing short films and series which won’t be possible if I was established my career as a hero.”


Source: The Daily Tribunal

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