He has a great interest about literature. He has written poems, songs, novels and stories out of love for literature. He is also a good singer.


Some of his songs are released in YouTube channel which are widely appreciated by the viewers.

Ami Eka Boro Eka | আমি একা বড় একা । With Bangla & English Lyrics |

Covered By M Miraz Hossain

Bolchi Tomar Kane Kane Amar Tumi – 90s Bangla Song

Covered By M Miraz Hossain

Bhalobeshe Gelam Sudhu Valobasha Pelam Na (With Lyrics)

Covered By M Miraz Hossain

Abar Elo Je Sondha । আবার এলো যে সন্ধ্যা । Bangla Lyrics |

Covered by M Miraz Hossain

As a Writer & Screen player

He Writes & Screenplay Valentine’s Day Special Short Film | রিশাদ ও কানের দুল | Rishad O Kaner Dool | Manoj | Nadia

As a producer and lyricist

Popular singers Tahsin Ahmed and Konal’s new song “Tumi Kache Asbe” written and produced by me is about to get released. The lyric is extracted from my poem “Tomar Jonno”.

Short Film “Wedding Story
Producer : M Miraz Hossain
Written and Directed By: Mizanur Rahman Aryan

Cast: Manoj Pramanik, Keya Payel, Solaiman Khoka, Basar Bappy, Nusrat Reza khan
DOP: Fuad Bin Alamgir Editor: Toufiqul Islam Music: Shahriar Alam Marcell
Produced by : M Miraz Hossain


I regularly write in Newspaper & Digital platform

My article on Jayjaydin about the future of publication industry.

To read more: https://cutt.ly/4EmfOvn

My article regarding the book fair in Bangladesh during normal time and Corona time.

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My article about the suffering of people during the Corona period. 

To read more: https://cutt.ly/BEmdEda

Report on Me in Newspaper

A report on me on Jay Jay Din about my various social work. 

To read more: https://cutt.ly/GEmgnuy

মানবসেবার অনন্য দৃষ্টান্ত

A report on me on Bangla52news about my United Nations Award.

To read more: https://cutt.ly/4Emspq8

A report on me on The Bangladesh Today about releasing four solo albums.

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A report on me on Dhakatribune about my social activities and recognition.

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A report on me on webwire about releasing my first solo album Tobu Dakha Houk” (Let’s see again)

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A report on me on The Bangladesh Today and Jagonews24 about publishing my first travel story book “Hawai Veshe Haajar Maail

To read more: https://cutt.ly/PEmjthg


As a writer

M. Miraz Hossain‘s first travel storybook “Haoyae Vese Hajar Maail” has published by the well-known publisher of “Nowroz Kitabistan“. The book “Hawai Vese Haajar Maail” is the author’s first travel story.

People of different races, professions, religions, languages, cultures, and behaviors are scattered all over America. Going with them, all the strange and interesting experiences of the author have found a place in the book. The philosophy and way of life of the Americans, the way of life of the Bangladeshis living in America, and the idea of Bangladesh among the Americans before and after 20 years, etc. will also come up in the book “Hawai Vese Haajar Maail”.

There are 10 stories in the book. The book is already being pre-ordered in several online bookshops including rokmari.com.